Resident Evil 2 Movie full movie


Update: I'm really glad you all loved my RE2 movie. It's something I've been working on since High School. I guess that's why it came out so well because of all the hard work and dedication I put threw it.

As I said, Final Fantasy isn't the only game I play. I'm also a Resident Evil maniac.

I made something like this a long time ago on VHS, and now that I can make movies on my PC, it would be a lot better.
Ironically, somebody has made something similar to this on youtube already. But I was planning on doing this for years and years.

Resident Evil my opinion, was the best RE game in the series. The only reason why RE4 was better was because of updated gameplay and graphics. This movie is not for speed runs and all that. It's just for entertainment purposes.
It will contain mostly cutscenes, a few Zombie/Monster battles, and some boss battles.

The thing about's basically 4 games in 1. Claire and Leon have 2 missions. When you finish Mission A with Claire, you then must play Mission B with Leon to see what he was doing at the time, and vice versa. However, the story changes depending on who did what mission. If Claire does misson A, William focuses on her and Sherry, and Sherry loses her pendant, which Ada claims, and the Tyrant focuses on Leon because he is stopping him from getting the G-Virus...which was in the Pendant. If Leon does misson A, William just focuses on killing people and implanting offspring, while Claire protects Sherry from the Tyrant because he wants the G-Virus inside her pendant.

This movie will be a mix of all 4 missions!!! The story focuses on Leon doing mission A and Claire doing Mission B....meaning that the main focus is Sherry has the sample in her pendant and the Tryant is after it, while William is just on a crazy rampage. In the end, Leon defeats William, and Claire defeats the Tryant.

In the station, it will mostly be a mix of missions. Although Leon starts in mission B, he later on ends up in mission A, and Claire starts off in mission A, and later on ends up in Mission B. Other little mixes will be added, but you'll catch on.

I will also add other little mixes so that the movie becomes more logical. When making a movie, it's important to pay attention to little details. A few examples are:
When Annente shoots Leon, I had him in Caution mode when he woke up. The Super Tyrant is much faster and stronger than before, and you wouldn't expect something like that, so I made it seem like Claire was having trouble with him. it's suppose to be a movie, so I need to make it look like one. Also, when Ada throws the Rocket Launcher, your character is standing right by the machine, and when you defeat the Tryant, your character is standing right on the spot where you got the Rocket I will make sure thats where I shoot it from. You'll notice all of the mixes I did, like some doors already being unlocked. Naturally, the door loading times must be cut out. There are a few minor details that couldn't be helped. A good example is on Elevator car. When Claire and Sherry are there, the hole is already in the wall before William made it. And there's no way I can pefectly edit the timer in the final stage. You'll also wonder how did Leon and Claire magicaly obtained a Machine Gun. Well, I can't explain that. Claire WAS in a gun shop when she first used it, so maybe she got on in there, and Leon's a cop, so maybe he already had one. You'll also notice that the zombies and monsters seem to fall rather easy. Well..when I made this..I hadn't played RE2 in I was a little rusty. This is the arranged Rookie mode on Gamecube( which explains the machine guns..). But now it has all come back to me.

Only die-hard fans of this game will knwo how LONG it took me to make this. As I said..this is just for entertainment. Enjoy!


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